About us

Almaaqal University is young university, that was established with the intent of providing high-quality, relevant education. The goal is to build the skills of the next generation of students, and create lifelong learners who will shape and contribute to a better world. The programs offered are designed in consultation with industry, State departments and the large private sector corporations, to ensure they are relevant and current with the best practices followed today and the future. The faculty are subject matter experts, and leaders in their fields of expertise, with a focus on sustainability.

The university offers programs across all levels, from undergraduate degrees to research qualifications, in a range of disciplines. While the main focus has been in the field of energy, the university is quickly expanding the fields to include a full range of areas that impact the lives of the community in which it is established. This includes areas of medicine, oral health, business, computer science, and others.

The university’s vision is to return Iraq to its rightful place on the world’s education stage. A place where knowledge is ever-growing and contributes to a peaceful world with a better society.

Certificate granted

The university grants many certificates in various academic disciplines

University life and leisure

The university has provided many means of entertainment on campus, including playgrounds and student clubs

Education services

The university provides the best educational services according to the best standards


Almaaqal University aspires to be a leader among higher education and scientific research institutions within Iraq, the Arab region and internationally. Its aim is to be the destination of choice for students from every part of the world and assist these students to achieve their ambitions.


Almaaqal University’s mission is to provide students with the best learning opportunities to enable them to achieve their full potential. To do this, the university employs distinguished professors to teach specialised programs and invests in cutting edge technologies that allow students to have real world learning experiences. This will enable the students to be job-ready, not just locally, but also globally. Thus, meeting the needs of different labour markets in the public and private sectors.


- To prepare students to be contributing members of society.

- To identify and develop internationally recognised academic programs that address local, regional and world needs, and upgrade them periodically in line with quality standards.

- To attract, develop and retain a work force, which can keep pace with the rapidly changing fields of study globally.

- To enhancing the university's capabilities and sustainability. - To promote community service initiatives and encourage collective volunteer work.