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About the University Council

The University Council is an administrative division directly linked to the Chancellor of the University and is considered one of the important and sensitive positions that require that its employees be characterized by honesty and confidentiality. The Secretariat consists of the following departments:

University Council Unit.

College Council Unit.

Follow-up Unit.

Archive Unit.

Mission of the University Council secretariat

Almaaqal University’s mission is to provide students with the best learning opportunities to enable them to achieve their full potential. To do this, the university employs distinguished professors to teach specialised programs and invests in cutting edge technologies that allow students to have real world learning experiences. This will enable the students to be job-ready, not just locally, but also globally. Thus, meeting the needs of different labour markets in the public and private sectors.

Vision of the University Council Secretariat

Almaaqal University aspires to be a leader among higher education and scientific research institutions within Iraq, the Arab region and internationally. Its aim is to be the destination of choice for students from every part of the world and assist these students to achieve their ambitions.

Learn about the University Council Secretariat

Its work and tasks:

1. Approving or (recommending approval) on scientific and administrative issues that fall outside the powers of the university chancellor and whose implementation requires obtaining a decision from the university council, considering the instructions and decisions in force during the discussion of these issues.

 2. Circulating the proceedings of the University Council to the colleges and departments of the university and following up on the implementation of its paragraphs after obtaining the approval of the Ministry.

3. Submitting the proceedings of the Colleges Council to the President of the University to obtain approval of its paragraphs.

4. Circulating the proceedings of the opinion committee in the ministry to all university facilities and following up on the implementation of its decisions.