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Chancellor’s welcome

Dear students, colleagues and well-wishers

I welcome you to Almaaqal University, a university focused on regaining Iraq’s rightful place in the world’s education stage.

Almaaqal University was established at the end of 2020, and is rapidly advancing its operations to ensure that it provides the best education to students. It has been rising in ranking among public and private universities, locally, regionally and globally.

The university has invested in developing always had distinguished halls and laboratories equipped with the latest scientific equipment and international origins. The university has also made sure that practical hours are practical hours spent by the student to gain practical skills that will help him in the future to compete for jobs in the crowded labor market. Certainly, the great burden of the success of the educational process falls on the teaching staff, and this is what the university is proud of by embracing precise and important specializations and holders of higher degrees and even prestigious scientific ranks. The university also chose its administrative and technical cadres carefully to complete the educational process. The university paid attention to the social, literary, artistic, and sports aspects, so we see the university present in social activities, visits, donations, and great sponsorship for people with limited income, as well as embracing some literary activities, art exhibitions, and charitable markets, and it did not forget the sports side and its participation with other universities in sports activities. We do not forget that the university obtained several ISO certificates and now the university got membership in the Association of Arab Universities. It is a short life for the university, but it is full of achievements and interests that left their mark on the Basra community, and the Iraqi community in general, and for this we now see a great rush of students to join the university.  All thanks and appreciation to the teaching, technical, and administrative staff working at the university for their dedication to their work, and thanks go out to everyone who has supported the university since its establishment until now,

Wishing everyone success and more achievements for the advancement of our country.