Bachelor of Physical Education and Sports Science

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4 years


This program costs 8 million Iraqi Dinar.

The human body is amazing. This program helps you develop an in-depth understanding of how it functions, the biomechanics, which aids in ensuring a healthy fit body. You understand the importance of diet and exercise to maintain a healthy fit body, and use this knowledge to help others.

Career outlook

  • Physical Fitness Trainer
  • Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Coach
  • Assistant Coach
  • Physical Education and Sport Science teacher
  • Administrative

Entry requirements

  • General secondary high school certificate (Science or Arts)
  • Holds a preparatory school certificate in all its scientific, literary and vocational branches, or its equivalent

Key features

1۔The program is characterized by diversity, comprehensiveness, and integration of most theoretical and applied knowledge and sciences۔

2-The implementation of the curriculum is based on twinning through a mixture of scientific and educational experiences and youth energies.

This program contains 43 subjects, its hours are 106 and its units are 138 units. Of these, 17 are theoretical subjects with a total of 78 credit hours and 70 credit units. And 26 practical subjects, the number of hours is 68, and the number of units is 68.  The essential subjects in the program are 39 subjects  , its hours are 98 hours and its units are 128 units. The non-essential subjects in the program are 4 subjects ,its hours are 8 hours and its units are 10 units.


The program provides expertise that qualifies its owner to successfully perform his duties in specializations:

  • Anatomy
  • Biomechanics
  • sports training
  • Tests and measurement
  • Statistics
  • Motor education
  • Sports psychology
  • Teaching methods
  • Sports administration
  • Single games
  • Sports injuries


Dr. Qassim Khalil- Program coordinator

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