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 It aspires that Almaaqal University is among the distinguished universities at the local and regional levels through the quality of higher education services and scientific research that it provides to students, institutions, and society in general and that the university be a destination for science students from all parts of the world and a distinct choice for them to achieve their ambitions.


Almaaqal University is an academic edifice that provides services of higher education and scientific research in various disciplines with the latest and most sophisticated scientific methods in keeping with the march of scientific development in the best prestigious international universities in order to build the capabilities of our students and enable them to contribute effectively to making the future of our country by providing them with advanced knowledge in theory and practice at the hands of a distinguished elite of professors in the fields of precise specialization and the adoption of the latest educational programs and laboratories to supply the labor market with graduates and the various consultations of various state departments and the private sector, which contributes to achieving sustainable development for our country.


Preparing specialized cadres, administratively and practically, to enable them to continue their work and meet the requirements of development in society.

Excellence in academic programs and developing them periodically in line with quality standards.

Attracting, qualifying, and developing human resources to enable them to keep pace with the rapid developments in the various fields of work.

Enhancing the university’s capabilities and sustainability.

Promote community service initiatives and encourage collective volunteer work.

Departments, centers and units associated with the Assistant President for Scientific Affairs:

Studies, planning and follow-up unit

Continuing education unit

Student Affairs and Registration Unit

the library


The electronic platform

Information technology unit

Division of Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance

Structure of scientific departments at Almaaqal University

  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • College of Health and Medical Technologies
  • College of Engineering, Department of Petroleum Engineering, Department of Control and Computer Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering
  • College of Law
  • College of Administration and Economics, Department of Business Administration
  • College of Arts, English Department

Assistant to the President of the University for Academic Affairs

Iraq, Basra, Dinar Street


09:00AM 19:00PM

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Assistant to the President of the University for Scientific Affairs:

The university is considered one of the institutions sponsoring science and scholars, and thus it will be an important tool for development for all peoples of the world through advancing the requirements of higher education and providing aspects of knowledge with the products of scientific research to serve the community … Al-Maqal University is considered one of the blocks of higher education and scientific research in our dear country that seeks to embrace our students In its faculties with its various specializations, the development of the educational process and all aspects of scientific research, and the establishment of specialized scientific conferences, seminars, workshops and training courses.